A caravan of flavours

Zíngara is a restaurant, bar and speakeasy that seeks to surprise with its exotic flavours and a plant-based offer in a space with travelling influences.

At Zíngara you can travel the world through its food, its cocktails, its space and its atmosphere.

The concept is inspired by the travelling, free and rebellious soul of the gypsy culture. The menu combines international dishes that have always used vegetables
as a base, complemented with some animal products, but without including meat or fish, to create a delicious proposal.

In addition, the amazing space designed by the Argentine interior designer Eme Carranza with its carpets, lights and textures has created the perfect setting to have a cocktail and enjoy the evening.



The must for Ansón+Bonet: Start with some seaweed fritters and don’t forget to
order the Mecha, Fainá with Caponata and burrata. Accompany it with the”Amores
Perros” cocktail.



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  • Services

    Setting up a restaurant from start to finish

  • Client

    Mechi Camaño y Agustín Patrizio

  • Opening

    Semptember 2022

  • Location

    Plaza de las Salesas 8, Madrid

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