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We approach projects with good energy. We work hand in hand with our clients because we know that success is not by chance, that it is solid proposals and great teams that make the difference.

Alejandra Ansón


With a degree in Biology, she was passionate about gastronomy from a very early
age: in 2009 she launched the Elite Gourmet project, a quality seal for the best
Spanish food and beverages. After collaborating with the Royal Academy of
Gastronomy and Globally, and while studying the MIB (Master in Internet Business)
at ISDI, she collaborated with Miguel in The Table by, an innovative project that
brought more than 13 restaurants from all over Spain to Madrid. This is the
beginning of Ansón+Bonet, Gabinete Gastronómico.

Miguel Bonet


A born entrepreneur, since 2008 he has created several companies in different
sectors: Negocios Raros, a cultural platform with which he edited the magazine
Plástico; Alegría Industries, a fashion and product brand Made in Spain; Better, a
pop up agency (with projects such as The Hovse and The Table by). In 2011 he
opened Slow Fast Food, a company that among other things managed the F&B area
of La Casa Encendida for 4 years. During the years of The Table by fragua, together
with Alejandra, he laid the foundations of Ansón+Bonet.

Ana Castelo

Leader Project Developer

Passionate about gastronomy since she was a child, and founder of Anmama
Catering, a healthy food catering company with a social, environmental and nutritional conscience. Ana completed her Dissertation of the LEINN (Leadership,
Entrepreneurship and Innovation) degree at Ansón+Bonet, leading the Bodega
Opening project at the ARCO’19 fair. Since then she leads the Concept and
Business Development team of the gastronomic projects.

Isabella Hoyos

Project Developer

She holds a degree in Gastronomy and Food Science from CESSA University in
Mexico. Her passion led her to work in the kitchens and dining rooms of different
restaurants in Mexico, Barcelona and Berlin. She complemented her experience with
a Master’s degree in Restaurant Innovation and Management from the Basque
Culinary Center. At Ansón+Bonet she is in charge of the conceptualisation and
development of new gastronomic projects with an operational and contemporary
vision of the national and international sector.

Maria de Delás

Project Analytics

An engineer by trade from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, with an MSc in
Innovation and Entrepreneurship from ESADE, and a gastronome by passion, María
brings to Ansón+Bonet an analytical perspective – supported by her professional
experience as a business and innovation consultant – with the aim of contributing to
the professionalisation and rigorousness of the sector.

Virginia Garcia Pando

Real Estate Consultant

Her professional career has focused on gastronomic and catering consultancy, as
well as having worked in the International Relations department of Madrid Fusión.
She has a degree in Community Law + International Law. At Ansón+Bonet she is in
charge of the real estate division, which specialises in the search and consultancy of
restaurant premises. 

Cristina De Benito

Leader Project Manager

Expert in the sector, lover of restaurants and gastronomy, which is reflected in her
family project Espiedo, a chicken rotisserie with two locations in Madrid. Graduate in
Business Administration and Management at the UAM with a Diploma in

Gastronomy and Kitchen Management at the CSHG. With experience in the kitchen
and more than nine years managing the administration of several restaurants in the
capital. At Ansón+Bonet she leads the Opening and Gastronomic Project
Management Team, with her meticulous attention to detail she brings concepts to life
and gets them off the ground.

Krystel Gosatti

Business Administration

A lover of languages and hospitality in all its facets, she studied economics and
tourism in Italy and France. When she arrived in Spain, she dedicated herself
professionally to gastronomy and completed the advanced course in Hotel and
Catering Business Management at the Madrid Chamber of Commerce. From then
on, she worked in renowned restaurants, hotels and other companies in the sector in
different positions where she obtained a global vision of the business, thus
strengthening her operational, analytical and strategic skills. At Ansón+Bonet she is
the person dedicated to the day-to-day management and administration of your

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