San Antón Market

More market, more Madrid!

A modern and lively space with nods to the traditional market and the traditional square where the best restaurants and shopkeepers of Madrid are mixed.

“The project’s objective was the revitalisation and modernisation of the iconic San Antón Market located in the Chueca neighbourhood. Our primary goal was to update the market’s stalls to re engage the local community that had previously ceased attending the space.”

The essential for Ansón+Bonet is “Order a bit of everything accompanied by a Mahou beer”.

  • Category

    Hospitality business for museums, hotels and other venues

  • Services

    Reconceptualisation of a space and search for operators, coordination and monitoring of the project.

  • Client

    San Antón Market Association

  • Opening

    December 2021

  • Location

    Augusto Figueroa 24, Madrid Le Domaine, Valladolid

  • Web

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