Nave Nove

Galician group Nove's pop-up restaurant in Oporto.

The Nove Group, made up of renowned Galician chefs, opened a pop-up restaurant in Oporto in November. A menu elaborated by all of them, where the protagonist was the best contemporary Galician cuisine.

We developed a consultancy project for the Galician gastronomic group Nove, which has 8 Michelin stars and 20 Repsol suns. We helped with the opening of the Nave Nove pop up in Oporto, where a nine course tasting menu based on Galician roots was presented.


The aim of the project was to raise awareness of Galician gastronomy and culture by replicating this ephemeral experience in other cities. The first destination chosen was Oporto, an area by nature of contact and growth for Galician cuisine. We worked with them to develop the business model, the customer experience and the operation of the action.



The essential for Ansón+Bonet is the ability to transfer the Galician essence abroad and make it known to new audiences.

  • Location

    Hotel Carrís Porto Ribeira, Oporto

  • Category

    Pop up restaurant

  • Services


  • Client

    Nove Grupo Gastronómico

  • Opening

    October 24 - November 17, 2019

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