"A book of friends and shared recipes".

Beker 6 is a successful restaurant in Madrid, its delicious dishes move between Spanish tradition, market cuisine, the most classic French recipes and the Armenian recipe book influenced by the Rodríguez-Cano family. The restaurant was five years old and they wanted to do something special to celebrate it. This book is the result: a tribute to the team, to the two Álvaros and to good cuisine in general.

This is not a typical Ansón+Bonet project but we are very proud of the Beker6 recipe book.

Lots of history and incredible recipes from the Rodríguez-Cano and Sáinz de Vicuña families and their friends.

The pages of the book can be read as a guided tour through the spaces of Beker 6: the entrance table, the dining room, the terrace and even the reserved area. And with some very special sections such as “Saturday Lunch” or “Middle Eastern Night” with wonderful recipes such as “Red curry with white fish and clams” or “Mulligatawny with rice pilaf”.

At Ansón+Bonet we were in charge of defining the concept, the structure of the book, the selection of recipes and the coordination of the project. Thanks to all the agents involved in the process: Paseo Studio in charge of the art direction; Julio Falagan did the wonderful illustrations of all the recipes; Geray Mena in charge of the photography and Arantxa Neyra of the texts.

The must-have for Ansón+Bonet is the Senegalese cream.



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    Spaces, branding and communication

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    Beker 6

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    December 2020

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    Calle Hermanos Bécquer 6 Madrid

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