“Plant based meal plans.”

Begoístas is the new platform that changes your life based on healthy eating plans at home with five different modalities and a shop of pantry products created by experts in curative nutrition, and by prestigious chefs always using the best fresh and organic ingredients.

Begoístas is founded by chef Begoña LLuch Grand Diploma Cordon Bleu de Paris and gastronomy expert entrepreneur Cuchita Lluch. At Ansón+Bonet we developed the business plan for this new project based on cutting-edge nutrition that revitalises, detoxifies and fills with energy, affecting both physical and mental balance.

We support the conceptualisation of the brand, the definition of the plans and the logistics to produce and deliver them. Coordinating branding and marketing providers to create a coherent and scalable project.

At Begoístas you can choose between 5 different plans depending on the objectives and needs of each client. The order is received every two or three days, and includes dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, a drink and a snack.

The essential for Ansón+Bonet is to order the ‘Trial’ plan (1 day), as a small sample, to visualise what the rest of your life could be like if you take the plunge into change.

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    Definition of business models

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    Begoña and Cuchita Lluch

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    September 2022

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    Digital project

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